Benefit from our deep know-how in the integration of mobile telematics and IoT devices

  • We work closely together with manufacturers of IoT and telematics devices such as Telic AG.
  • As a result, we have developed deep-rooted devices know-how which is a prerequisite to ensure a fully-fledged server-side integration of devices.
  • We can resort to strong know-how especially in the area of telematics devices, i.e. devices with tracking functionality for applications in professional vehicles, asset tracking and insurance telematics.
  • Our more than ten years of experience with devices used in the transport & logistics, automotive and insurance industries is the foundation for developing server solutions also for a variety of other industries.

Save time by deploying ready-made key server components for IoT applications

  • A number of important key components must be included in the server-side integration of devices, such as:
    • Protocol-specific communication with the devices
    • Device Management
    • Components to establish end-to-end secure links with the devices
  • The Kentaur Middleware IoT provides all key components required to meet such demands.
  • By deploying the Kentaur middleware, customers can enable devices in a matter of hours rather than spending weeks or months of development effort, and thus can ensure a significantly improved time-to-market for introducing new IoT services.
  • Whenever new device features from our partners become available, they can be automatically reflected in the middleware, thus becoming immediately available for use.
  • Thus, there is no need anymore to spend either additional integration effort for introducing new device features.

Different Operational Models supported

  • Some applications and business models strongly benefit from realizing the IoT vision by using cloud computing resources.
  • Other applications, however, require applications to be deployed in in-house data centers, e.g. for security reasons.
  • The Kentaur IoT platform is completely independent from these factors, and supports any operational model required by customers.

IoT Server solution grows and scales with your business

  • Market analyzes show that both the number of terminals as well as the amount of data that each device transmits over time will increase drastically. 
  • By using the latest server and database technologies, we ensure that IoT solutions remain scalable and high-performant 
  • Thus, these solutions can keep up with a growing number of devices, and with an ever-increasing amount of data