Telematics Devices for Vehicle Tracking


Picotrack SafeDrive

The Picotrack SafeDrive ist designed for applications where the device needs to be rapidly inserted or removed from the vehicle. With its broad feature set and wide variety of configuration options, the device can be used for a multitude of applications, including standard track & trace, for theft prevention or for driver's log data. The USB connector can be used to recharge external devices such as smartphones.

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The SBC-AVL devices are highly compact and cost-efficient telematics units with internal GSM/GPS antennas and support a wide range of vehicle interfaces such as CAN Bus, 1-wire and serial interfaces. These devices are typically used for tracking passenger cars and small to medium commercial vehicles.

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With a robust and water protected design, the SBC3 family of vehicle tracking devices is perfectly designed for applications that require the device to be mounted in an outdoor environment, e.g. on trailers or construction vehicles.

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Asset Tracking Devices

Picotrack Power

The Picotrack Power is a matchbox-sized tracking device with an excellent battery lifetime and istypically used to reliably track high value assets (e.g. valuable shipments, product prototypes, confidential documents) over a period of weeks to several months.

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Picotrack Endurance

The Picotrack Endurance devices are designed to address the requirements of logistics service provides to improve supply chain visibility and the security / safety of logistics and other valuable assets. All products within this product family provide ultra-robust IP67 or IP69K enclosures, and can operate for several months to several years with the help of high-capacity batteries and intelligent power management algorithms.

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