What is the Kentaur Middleware

  • Kentaur is a middleware solution used for the seamless integration of telematics and IoT device-specific data into the IoT backend system. These devices could e.g. collect vehicle- and machine-specific data as well as data about the location of mobile assets of any kind.
  • Kentaur hides the complexities of device handling functionality - which is usually vendor-specific - from the IoT applications.
  • Device handling functionality includes e.g. parsing of the device-specific protocols, storing device data in the IoT Device database, or Device-Management functions required to perform e.g. remote software updates.
  • Device-specific data & actions can be accessed / performed via web services APIs (REST APIs using JSON for data modelling).
  • Thus, any external applications can access and use the stored device-specific data e.g. to provide data analytics services.

 Kentaur ProductChart

Integrating data from mobile assets with the Kentaur platform

  • Kentaur is based on a modular architecture consisting of individual components which can mixed and matched according to the requirements of your project.
  • Additionally, it can be deployed in the cloud or in your own data center.

 Kentaur ProductChart

Accessing Kentaur middleware data via web services

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Download: Kentaur Overview (PDF)